What Are Domo Stuffed Animals?

Domo is the mascot of the Japan public broadcaster NHK. Domo-Kim first appeared in 1998 os a series of stop motion sketches to make the 10th anniversary of the NHK’s satellite broadcasting. One of the most popular figures along with Hello Kitty and the Sock Monkey in plush toys is Domo!

Domo is a brown fuzzy square character with rounded teeth and a red mouth. The writer of the Domo comic book said that to him, Domo’s facial expression is “a sort of cheery wonderment.” The character has been one that has remained popular throughout the years among children. The name Domo was acquired the second episode of his show, his name is essentially a greeting that can be translated to “well hello there”

Domo’s favorite food is a Japanese meat and potatoes strew but his least favorite food is apples. A stop motion television series was based on the character call Domo TV which was co-produced by Nickelodeon and NHK and aired between 2006-2009. A few years later, a music compilation based on the character Domo was released on Itunes. Domo is featured in 5 Nintendo video games as well as a social game on Facebook called Planet Domo.

This character has remained popular throughout the years because there is a sense of timelessness within Domo. While his gapping mouth may be considered off-putting by some, many find this to be part of his charm.

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